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On vehicle turbo , DPF , injector and air intake cleaning for petrol and diesel cars and vans. Prices starting from only £99.00 inc vat. 

If your looking for improved performance or if your car has failed on its emissions this is the treatment for you. 

Unlike your terra clean and hydroclean treatments you can actually see the results of this treatment process. 

Choose forte a name synonymous with quality that always delivers results that you can both see and feel .

Forté Power-Clean allows direct cleaning of a vehicle’s problem area with new specially formulated treatments, gaining effective results and saving drivers time and money.


Fuel Injection
Allows direct cleaning of the fuel injectors, intake valves (indirect injection) and the combustion chamber with a highly concentrated cleaning solution without the need to remove injectors or dismantle the engine. 

Diesel Turbo
A highly effective treatment to clean turbine and variable geometry vanes of diesel turbochargers without dismantling. The treatment is injected directly into the combustion chamber to gain effective results. 

Air Intake
A special tool injects the strong cleaner directly into the air-intake to remove contamination from the inlet manifold and inlet valves without dismantling (also highly effective on EGR Valves depending on location). 

Cleans and flushes out soot, ash and other contamination from blocked DPFs, restoring their original operation without the need to remove the DPF from the vehicle.